NBA Top Shot: Everything you need to know about ‘next level collectibles’ and what it means for the league

what is nba top shot

What you can’t do is use the footage in the Top Shot yourself, or modify the image without permission—in fact, the NBA’s lawyers have put together a laundry list of prohibitions restricting what you can do with their costly IP. In the last month alone, 100,000 people have purchased NBA Top Shot moments, according to data provider CryptoSlam, either hoping to possess their star’s favorite jump shot or to make money by selling it for a higher price. Moment™ NFTs are a tribute to the best of basketball, capturing milestone achievements and viral highlights from the first game to the Finals, telling the story of your team. Every Moment falls into its own tier of scarcity, from Common — where over 50,000 NFTs can exist — to Fandom, Rare and Legendary, the most exclusive, with fewer than 99.

NBA Top Shot: Everything to know about digital craze

Just as Ros Gold-Onwude did, and explained on ESPN’s SportsNation, someone can very quickly go from simple curiosity to full-blown immersion. Join the our Discord community to connect with like-minded collectors. Trade Tickets are a way to turn Moments in your NBA Top Shot collection into a new pack filled top 10 most profitable crypto coins to mine in 2020 with new Moments. The Marketplace where you can buy and sell your favorite NBA Top Shot Moments, and it’s accessible to collectors around the world 24/7. To start, we quickly guide you through signing up to NBA Top Shot and opening your account, opening your first Pack and completing your first Challenge.

What is NBA Top Shot? A Beginner’s Guide (

  1. This means you can keep them in your digital wallet and send them to other people, or sell them in online marketplaces.
  2. Then you click purchase and you can pay with the funds in your Dapper account.
  3. The trading card industry, and memorabilia overall, made a comeback in recent years before exploding in 2020.
  4. Just as Ros Gold-Onwude did, and explained on ESPN’s SportsNation, someone can very quickly go from simple curiosity to full-blown immersion.

Tedman added Top Shot grew 10% week-over-week just working through the early days of the product before taking off. Top Shot doesn’t have a launch date yet, but women’s moments will be available soon. Dapper had developed product pitches for several sports, Tedman said, but viewed the NBA in high regard because of its reputation as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy organization. Top Shot has been developing a mobile game, Hardcourt, for the last 18 months that should be released in the near future, Tedman added.

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He entered the market when moments were going for $2 and $3, including one of star Mavericks point guard Luka Doncic. A self-proclaimed “huge” James fan, Schwarz has been involved in the sneaker collecting game, and he sees Top Shot as another example of that hobby. Currently, there is a highlight card of Ja Morant dunking over Aron Baynes from his Rookie of the Year season last year that is being lobbied for $100,000 on the open marketplace. “Combining that passion with an opportunity to invest in a basketball-related product that could pay off in the future; it definitely ticks all the boxes for me,” he told CBS Sports. It feels worth mentioning that Xu has become such a fan of Top Shot that he brought a sign celebrating the company to a Utah Jazz game that was later confiscated because “it was too big,” he said. Leaderboards add a new dimension to your collection and experience.

NBA Top Shot: Everything you need to know about ‘next level collectibles’ and what it means for the league

what is nba top shot

Each brings a burst of basketball perfection that can’t be lost or forgotten. Start building your collection with Moments from the NBA’s past and present. UFC also has a partnership with Dapper, and the company has spoken with basically every major sports league about how it would look for their fan base, Tedman said. They’ll all be playing behind the NBA, which pounced on an opportunity to build a digital ecosystem while providing fans with even more ways to connect with the league and its players another revenue source. Each moment – a short video from multiple angles – on Top Shot is a NFT.

For example, upsetting users recently was when a scheduled drop of Premium packs was postponed indefinitely — though later rescheduled a day later “to make this the best experience and as fair as possible for all collectors,” according to the announcement. Top Shot frustrated many with the delayed pack drop as this was the first time that a large portion of the community that recently joined Top Shot would be able to purchase the kind of Rare Pack that was dropping since many weren’t early adopters of the product. Now you can explore the packs on offer (which will typically be sold out!) and the marketplace where you can buy trading cards second hand. When Top Shot packs go live for purchase on the official website, the site will place you in a queue based on how quickly you click the live link. Queues normally fill out within seconds, and it’s first come, first served.

Like any investment, especially one that spikes like Top Shot has, there is the reality that it could collapse. Dapper Labs’ first major project was called CryptoKitties, a game launched in 2017 that involved virtual cats. Like Top Shot, it became very popular and values of the digital collectibles exploded — one digital cat selling for more than $170, only for the items to plummet in value after the fad passed, bearing some resemblance to the Beanie Babies craze of the 1990s. “Growing up I collected Pokémon cards and I’ll never forget the thrill of opening a pack, hoping for a holographic Charizard,” Xu told CBS Sports.

But Dapper Labs also had plenty of help in getting its idea off the ground. The blockchain giant partnered with the National Basketball Association and the NBA Players Association to start NBA Top Shot, meaning all Top Shot highlights are licensed by the NBA itself. Top Shot has faced complaints for not having a smoother process to withdraw money; until two weeks ago, Tedman said, one customer service employee handled all of the verification needed to take money out.

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. When Jack isn’t writing about sports, he’s watching them or playing them as he regularly heads to the gym for some pickup basketball or the golf course to hit the links. He’s also an avid participant in the sports betting scene who worked at a casino sportsbook for a year and learned the ins and outs of the industry before bringing his expertise to Sportscasting with one excellent gambling recommendation after another. “We need to be able to support that number of transactions if we want to reach our aspirations of being a global basketball product,” she said.

Big Blue Drew, for example, purchased his moment, a Keldon Johnson dunk from earlier this season, for $ though the actual sale went through for $90 — while other highlights can be available for much, much less. Top Shot Score is the system that gives point values to Moments in your collection, which helps you access exclusive pack drops and compete on Leaderboards. The complete guide to buying your first officially licensed NBA digital collectibles. If you want to purchase a card, you will need to find the moment you like and select the serial number of the specific card. Then you click purchase and you can pay with the funds in your Dapper account. Once you’ve loaded up your account with funds, you may need to wait for them to land in your wallet (cryptocurrencies can sometimes be a bit slow) before they’re ready to spend.

Packs are currently sold out, but Top Shot has been organizing “pack drops” that double as site stress tests in which 5,000 users can purchase packs. Most basketball fans have become aware of NBA Top Shot in just the last few months, but it’s actually been around for nearly two years. The online marketplace was started by a Vancouver-based blockchain company called Dapper Labs in July of 2019. Dapper Labs is the same company that founded CryptoKitties, the world’s most famous blockchain-based game.

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